Frequently Asked Questions


What is carpooling?

Carpooling is when two or more people commute to work or other destinations together for all or part of a journey. It is also known as ridesharing. Individuals work out their own arrangements such as who drives, how often, schedules, and payment for petrol and maintenance.


Why should I carpool?

Carpooling will help you save money on petrol and parking by splitting driving costs among two or more commuters. It’s a great way to meet people while saving the environment.


What are my carpool options?

The carpool scheme is set up so you can share rides with co-workers to and from home, a transit location, day care, or school. Depending on your schedule, you can carpool once a week or every day and share the car round-trip or just one way.


How many people should I carpool with?

You choose. You can try car pooling with just one person to begin with, which will halve your travel costs. Staff working shifts may want to keep in touch with a group of 4-6 people or more, to improve your chances of working the same shift. Remember the more people you travel with the cheaper your journey to and from work will be.


Who does the driving?

In some carpools, each carpooling member takes turns driving their own vehicle, while in others there is only one driver. There is no hard and fast rule - it is totally dependent upon the individual circumstances of those in your carpooling group.


Is my vehicle insurance affected by car pooling?

Not usually but it pays to read the fine print of your vehicle insurance policy – they are not all the same. If in doubt, call your insurance company to confirm your cover is not affected.


How much should carpooling passengers pay?

In carpooling where driving is equally shared, no money usually changes hands as each member is using their personal vehicle an equal amount of time. When only one person does the driving, or when there is an unequal split of driving responsibilities, the cost-sharing arrangement should be discussed by those in the carpool.

The regulations around carpooling state that the costs of petrol, parking and reasonable wear and tear may be shared. The driver may not be paid for their time or any fines they may incur.


How much will I save by carpooling?

If you can share in the cost of commuting to and from work by carpooling with others, your potential savings are significant. The more carpool members are in your group, the more savings you can expect. Sharing a ride with just one other person cuts your approximate daily commute costs by half.

For example cost savings for two persons carpooling, commuting 15kms per day are:

  • Petrol prices = $1.50 
  • Parking cost = $10 per day 
  • Total daily cost = $21
  •  >> Savings per person = $10.50 per day; $52.50 per week (carpooling 5 days); $210.00 per month (carpooling 5 days a week for 4 weeks); $2,550 per year 
Use the cost calculator to find out how much you could save.

Do I have to carpool every day?

No. You can carpool every day, a few days a week, or once a week. You and your carpool members decide the schedule. Some people even belong to more than one carpool - you may carpool with one carpool on Mondays and Tuesdays and then join a second carpool for the remainder of the week.


What about casual carpooling?

Casual carpooling is when drivers and passengers meet, without specific prior arrangement, at designated locations.


Can I carpool one-way?

Yes. It may suit you to get a ride to work in the mornings, but travel home on public transport. Or ride to work with someone in your family, and carpool home with a colleague. Whatever works best for you and your carpool.


What do I do if there are no other people on the contact list who live close to me or no matches at all?

Your potential carpool partners don’t have to live close to you but could be on your (or their) route to work. To increase your chances of finding a match you can:

  • Widen your search criteria by increasing the maximum pick-up and drop-off distance. To do this login then choose ‘Carpool match.’ The search criteria is on the left side of the map page. 
  • Increase your time flexibility. Again, login then choose the ‘Carpool match’ tab. You can widen your start and finish times on the left side of the map page. 

Over time, more people will join the car pool scheme and the bigger the membership the more chance you have of finding someone to travel with. It’s important that you visit the site regularly to keep your match reports up to date.

Letting other people at your workplace or in neighbouring workplaces know about Let's Carpool is a great way to increase your chances of finding someone. Feel free to distribute these posters and marketing materials or contact us for more flyers.


I’d like to have a poster or brochure to show my co-workers. Where can I get one?

There are posters, brochures, and pre-written email text on the employer resources page that you can share with your fellow employees.


How is my privacy protected?

Your privacy is important to us and we've made every effort to protect your personal privacy while also providing sufficient information for people to see their potential carpool matches and be able to contact them.

There are several things you can do to protect your privacy. When you register, enter a nearby intersection or street as your starting point that you are comfortable with other people seeing. This does not need to be your home address, you may choose to walk to the local shops, or a nearby location and can be picked up from there. Only the nearby intersection will be shown to other users, not the street address you entered. We have restricted the zoom function on the map so people cannot zoom in to view the exact location of your origin.

Enter a phone number that you are comfortable having people contact you on in the registration form.  This could be your general work number rather than your direct dial if you prefer.

Information displayed on match reports:

Full name Workplace name Leaving time
Pick up/drop off intersection Workplace address Returning time
  If a vehicle is available
  Interest: ie, driver only, passenger only, both
Email contact    
Phone numbers    
Comments if any    

 Information not displayed on match reports (used in matching process):

  • Home address
  • Gender
  • Smoker/non-smoker
  • Carpooling preferences (ie. non-smokers, gender)

Please see our Terms and Conditions for further information.


How do I look after my safety while carpooling?

Once you’ve identified potential carpool partners, it’s recommended that you e-mail and/or call them to begin the process of getting to know them. Arrange a meeting in a public place before starting to carpool and if someone doesn't seem like a good fit for you, remember you can just say you'd prefer not to start carpooling with them at the moment.

Having three or more people in your carpool is good for your safety. You may also wish to walk to a nearby location in the morning so you are not picked up outside your house. Your home address is never displayed to other users. The nearby street intersection your provided on your registration form is how your origin location is displayed.

If you feel more comfortable only carpooling with people from your workplace, select the 'Match me only to my fellow employees' option on the carpool match page. When this option is selected, only people registered as being from the same company as you will appear as potential carpool matches.


How do I register?

Just click ‘Register Now’ on the left side of the screen and follow the instructions.


How do I change my email address, password or contact details?

Once you have registered or logged in you can change your registration details in the 'My details' page. You can also change your password by clicking on the 'change my password' link from the main menu.


How do I find the right carpool match?

Accurate matching is a snap – we use precise technology to look for commuters as close to your home and work address as possible. Search options let you decide how flexible you are in terms of distance, driving times, and other preferences. You can also add various personal preferences to assist in your search for the right carpool. These include: will you share driving, smoking or non-smoking, top 40 or classic music, will your carpool be co-ed?


What if I only want to carpool to a public transport stop?

No problem. When you go through the registration process, you will still enter your final commute destination (even though you don't want to carpool the whole way). Once you have registered, and are looking at the carpool match map page, there is an option to choose 'Park and Ride stop' as your carpool destination. This option is in the Search Criteria section down the left hand side. Select this option, and then the public transport stop you want to carpool to and Let's Carpool will find matches for that trip.


How do I delete my account?

You can delete your profile by logging in and going to the 'Menu' tab. Click on 'Delete My Profile', Note that if you may like to carpool in the future, but aren't looking for a carpool currently, you can change your status to 'I'm not currelty looking to carpool' on the same page. This will mean you won't show up on other match reports, but you can later log back in to update your status without re-registering.


What if I don't have a car?

No problem – you don’t have to have a car to participate in a carpooling scheme. When you are registering simply indicate that you want to be a passenger only. You can join a carpool that doesn’t need a driver and pay your share of the petrol and parking (if applicable).


What if my car is a company car?

The policy or conditions may vary depending on the company or business you work for. Make sure your employer knows about your carpooling plans in advance before you start carpooling. Discuss the conditions that may apply to the use of the car in your case, especially if your employer pays part of your petrol bill.


What happens if I'm sick?

Call your carpool partner or follow the chain of communication that has been decided upon at your initial meeting. If you're the driver, try to give as much advance warning as possible.


What happens if I oversleep or am late?

Being late, or having to wait longer than anticipated, is one of the most common reasons carpooling fails. Carpooling works best when people can rely on each other. Each carpool should have clearly defined guidelines for how long they will wait.


What if I have an appointment or errands to run before / after work?

Schedule your errands and appointments on the days you don’t carpool. Carpooling for just two or three days a week will still save you money, reduce stress, reduce traffic, and improve air quality.


What if I have to drive my child to day care or school?

If you would like to settle your child in at day care before leaving, or walk your child to school you can make the day care or school your pick up location on your registration form.

If you wish to drop your child off to day care or school after you have picked up other carpoolers, you can mention this in the comments box on the registration form.


What if I have an emergency or I find out I have to work late?

We encourage employers to offer staff who carpool a taxi ride or other means or transport in the event of an emergency. This means you can carpool with peace of mind without worrying about transport to a school, hospital or home in the event of an emergency.

If your employer does not offer an emergency ride home you may wish to put aside some of the money you save by carpooling for your own transport in an unexpected event.

More information on how we support employers interested in offering an emergency ride is available under the employer resources section.


What if my carpool isn't working out?

Give your carpool sufficient notice that you will be leaving. You can look for a new carpool partner or group and try again.